Colour Visions


all colour concepts created by Genty Marshall from New Black 

Scarlet figure: Hand dyed clothing by rENS

Hanging planter: Indoor suspended planter by Bacsac 

Necklace – Necklace by Emily Green 


Noddy Boffin’s ‘Three” lounge chair will be featured in exhibition at this years Decoration + Design exhibition. 19th ,20th ,21st + 22nd July 2012 @ Melbourne Exhibition Centre

Design Futures is a curated installation of exhibitor and guest products, illustrating the driving forces behind international design directions for the following seasons and this space will be entering its fourth edition this coming July in Melbourne.

The theme this season is COLOUR VISIONS.  Colour Visions is divided into three sub-themes, each looking at changes in our physical, societal and conceptual relationships with colour and design as a means of expression and innovation.  Participation within this area is by invitation only and only a small number of exhibitors are selected.  A select few local designer/makers and international brands are also invited to participate to ensure that the exhibit is of the highest standard.

International companies represented at Design Futures in Sydney 2012 included Matthew Hilton, Piet Hein Eek, Kenneth Cobonpue, Eternit, Carpet Reloaded, as well as prestigious local designers and some fabulous up-and-comers.  This year we’re fortunate to have Carnovsky (Milan) producing an installation of their RGB wallpapers as well as a great deal of custom installations by local designers and artists including a custom central feature by Marc Pascal, works by Enoki and Christopher Boots, living walls by North St flowers a bespoke spectrum floorscape by New Black and Godfrey Hirst.

The area In which my lounge will be positioned, focuses on colour as a means of expression and provocation.  While this isn’t necessarily indicative of the Noddy Boffin relationship with colour I think a lot of my work does favor this theme.  The stage will be produced in collaboration with Rowena Martinich.



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