Evergreen Studio – Katie Shanahan

Katie Shanahan of Evergreen Studio is an exceptionally talented gold and silversmith based in Canberra ACT. Operating out of a small studio, Evergreen produces one-off commission pieces, as well as, a range of creative designs and concepts for a range of objects not limited to jewellery. The combination of materials in her body of work offers a unique and elegant aesthetic and demonstrates the diverse range of skills and the eye for detail Katie acquired while studying this refined craft at the ANU Art School.

Katie takes inspiration from botanical and natural elements where she tries to replicate the uncontrolled beauty. Her jewellery collection is hand crafted from a variety of materials including silver, gold, brass, bone, rough stones and porcelain. Her pieces are characterised with elegant simplistic lines contrasted with raw natural components.

Visit the website, to view the original works that Evergreen Studio itself produces and a peruse of Katie’s blog for a careful selection of globally practicing artists and craftsmen.

see more here : Evergreen Studio


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