Faceted Bowls

150609_NoddyBoffin_2493_Proof1600px 150609_NoddyBoffin_2494_Proof1600px 150609_NoddyBoffin_2495_Proof1600px 150609_NoddyBoffin_2498_Proof1600px 150609_NoddyBoffin_2499_Proof1600px 150609_NoddyBoffin_2502_Proof1600px 150609_NoddyBoffin_2503_Proof1600px 150609_NoddyBoffin_2515_Proof1600px

Developed as a product for last years Handsome & Co stall at the Big Design Market (December 2014).

The bowls employ two methods of manufacture to create a turned exterior (using a wood lathe) and a faceted interior (using a combination of jigs and machines). The combination of facets and curves offers an interesting contrast of shapes.

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