Hello 2013 …

Very excited to be featured in Belle twice in the early stages of 2013, and even more excited about the progression of Noddy Boffin this year.


1)    What early influences led to your pursuit of a career in design? 

My interest in being creative and making things was apparent in the early stages of high school and this was evident in my grades with both Art and Design Technology. It was only while studying at the ANU Art School in Canberra, that I realised that I wanted to manufacture unique designs under my own brand.

Overall, my ambitions towards being a designer is driven by the feeling of satisfaction and pride for the completion of an innovative, interesting and beautiful products. This satisfaction is highlighted even more so when another individual is drawn to my creation.

  2)    What have been some of your career highlights?

Having Noddy Boffin product displayed in the London Commonwealth exhibition, coinciding with the London Design Festival. The Common Wealth exhibition is an initiative showcasing the best in design from down under in the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Also, recently being contacted by Good Morning America with interest in showcasing, the very gimmicky ‘Lobster Mobile Phone Case’ on their show. The phone case which was inspired by Salvador Dali’s ‘Lobster Telephone’ and was originally published on the Noddy Boffin website as a satirical comment. Surprisingly, the piece engaged an online audience of thousands across the globe.


 3)    Could you discuss the concept for the design/s that you are pictured with?  

It was with ‘negative space’ in mind that I developed the ‘Stage Leg’, a folded steel leg that is reminiscent of the Queen Anne style – cabriole leg and could maybe even be considered as a modern version. The leg is a simple design and robust in strength, which is identifiable on sight with its use of industrial processes and material. The ‘stage leg’ is named as such because of the ‘negative space’ it creates, which looks something like the drawn curtains of a stage area. As subsequence to this form and space, the product conceptually demonstrates and reminds us of the true importance of ‘negative space’. It’s metaphorically the stage in which design comes to life, the dramatic space in which we identify shape and form and it should work to entertain our eyes.

 4)    Could you name some of your current sources of inspiration? These might include artists, designers, travel destinations, films etc.

I am heavily influenced by the designs of ‘Droog’, a design group out of Amsterdam. Their design philosophy is to offer a different perspective and a narrative in products, this is something I attempt to instil into my practice.

5)    What project/s are you looking forward to in 2013? 

2013 is an exciting year for Noddy Boffin. The business has snowballed in 2012 and is now looking for a bigger studio premises. There will be lots more prototyping and experimenting with aesthetics and materials in furniture and lighting.

I’m looking to continue the ‘NB table’ series with further experimentation with staining and marking timber surfaces and I hope to be refining the ‘Spare Table’ to be more accessible for residential purposes.



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