Huon Pine Skateboard

Huon Pine – One of the oldest living organisms on the planet and a Skateboard Deck – associated mainly as young persons past time. Who knew these two elements would work so well together. It is such a beautiful object, that I’m sure the owner will, maybe, never ride, but instead keep it as an ornament to admire and cherish.

The deck is made up of an outer skin of Huon Pine, with a Canadian Maple core, finished with a clear coat of hard wax oil. The board currently has no grip tape on it, however if the owner ever did want to put the board to work, there is both clear contact grip tape and clear aerosol spray grip available on the market, easily applied, making them two ideal options to retain the top face while making the board functional.

I’ve searched and searched the Internet in hope to find another Huon Pine Skateboard, maybe it’s because of the timbers precious/expensive nature, but I can’t seem to find another one like it.

Is this the first and maybe only Huon Pine deck? Get in contact if you know of another.

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