Student Side Tables

New students begin with a number of simple exercises that give insight into the techniques that apply to the general application of hand tools. The final exercise in a few of the tutor sessions is a small ‘occasional table’*, which offers an opportunity for students to apply and revise all the techniques they have learnt so far.

Combining traditional and contemporary techniques, students are introduced to the fundamentals of joinery and woodwork through the creation of a simple ‘occasional table’* structure. There is a number of exercises or challenges within this one project, each assessing the growth of there skills base.

This project is aimed at promoting and developing a practical understanding of how timber is prepared, joined and finished. Particular emphasis is placed on precision and developing techniques to achieve a high quality end-product using both hand and machine methods.

The project has provided some excellent results and even more so, has instilled students with a sense of pride, satisfaction and feeling of achievement. I think the results speak for themselves….

*An occasional table is a small decorative table. This term is used to explain things like end tables, lamp tables, sofa tables, coffee tables, and so forth. The design and styling of an occasional table can vary widely.

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