Peter Bollington – Designer / Maker

The S_3.0 range of furniture was created out of a study into small space living, with the intent of engaging the final user, building an intimate relationship between the user and the work through touch, feel and play. The multifunctional aspect to the works allows the user to determine various functional outcomes in accordance with their needs….

                                                                                                                                                                             S_3.0 Series

Having studied both furniture and interior design,my practice focuses on creating a harmony between the object and its environment. Created from necessity – my furniture is designed for small living spaces while maintaining a sleek aesthetic appeal and comfort. The works are multifunctional, unobtrusive in size yet bold statements of a creative process that transcends the humble piece of furniture into the realm of the designed object – a blend of material, form, pattern, function and artistic intention. The work also carries the undertone of the possibilities of plywood as a quality fine furniture material. With pressure on dwindling rescources in furniture timbers, my work addresses a need to source and use sustainable options in both material and application. PETER BOLLINGTON 2012


….The collection in its various ways of assemblage encompasses three categories of furniture: shelving, seating and surface. The unique shape also allows for the individual pieces to nest inside one another for both ease of freight and storage when not in use.


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