Spot Stool – Workshop Chairs

These are workshop chairs in two different ways, firstly in the sense that they were developed in collaboration with Handsome & Co, a School of Woodworking & Design, located in Melbourne, Australia. Intended specifically for use in their classroom for woodwork students at the bench practicing their furniture making skills.


The ‘workshop’ term can also be interpreted in a secondary context of development, I have been very quick to adopt and become enamoured with this product and I am now currently making improvements on subsequent versions. 150306_NoddyBoffin_6300_Web1600pxMOD  150306_NoddyBoffin_6319_Web1600px

Version 3 (or maybe 4) has already followed this initial timber (Victorian Ash) model and is now being made using high quality birch plywood and kerf bending techniques.


CHECK OUT THE MOST RECENT VERSION HERE.150306_NoddyBoffin_6302_Web1600px

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