Win a Noddy Boffin ‘Ply Milk Crate’ Competition.

Noddy Boffin is very pleased to announce its invitation and participation in the ‘Commonwealth Exhibition’ 2012. Coinciding with the London Design Festival, 3 of the ‘Noddy Boffin Plywood Milk Crates’ will be exhibiting in London from September until October. To celebrate the fact that Noddy Boffin ‘Ply Milk Crates’ will be exhibited to an international audience for the first time (outside of the internet). I have decided to give away one of the soon to be London famous ‘plywood milk crates’. To go in the drawer to win a NB ‘Plywood Milk Crate’, all you have to do is follow the link to the Noddy Boffin Facebook page and ‘LIKE’ the page.

Winner announced 30th September 2012.

‘Noddy Boffin’ ‘Plywood Milk Crates’: laser cut from sheets of Birch ply, chosen for its superior adhesion and high grade faces, making it an attractive and strong product. The design needs no glue or hardware making it an ideal product for storage and transportation with its simple method of assembly and disassembly. The design replicates a commercial milk crate; the change of material offers a new design perspective, offering a delicate and intricate layout of negative space.

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