Bow Desk – Desktop Printing


The ‘bow desk’ is a simple construction of parts that maintain themselves as a rigid structure with the aid of tension.

Inspired by the bow saw; a traditional carpentry tool that is becoming less and less common in a furniture makers workshop. The endangered nature of the bow saw is a result of modern methods of straining a saw blade and saw frames that offer a less fragile and finicky product. Regardless of its slow or even current obsolescence, the bow saw still embodies a credibility in its innovative construction and in its aesthetic, both which lend to its communication of refined woodworking and its relevance in the contribution to furniture making for hundreds of years.

The desk which is a simple reinterpretation of the bow saws levered fulcrum design, applies itself to an ability to be flat packed, which allows for assembly and disassembly within minutes. The simplicity of the application, is simplified even further with the incorporation of modern tensioners and fastenings.

Constructed out of solid Walnut, the product while modest in shape and size, boasts credibility in material and aesthetic, which is guided purely by its function. The size and ability to flat pack is in direct response of current living circumstances in city areas, the desk is ideal for those needing a surface to study, work, write, create etc. within a confined space.

This is the beginning of a series of bow desks that will be manufactured and printed with pattern, imagery and text. The printing will act to inform viewers of the influences of current social and environmental influences on me the designer and artist. I will also make for collectable items as in most printing; printmakers produce images in limited quantities, which will be much the case with the ‘Bow Desk’.

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