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Jarrah Stool – Introduction to Woodworking

This stool combines a range of skills practiced in exercises leading up to this one project, including; hand cut mortise and tenon, lap joinery, widening joint and shaping and tapering using a range of techniques. It is simple, but makes and excellent educational tool. For more information on these stools and learning to make furniture check out Handsome & Co. Share → Tweet

Wood Workshops: Material Value

I was recently interviewed by the Australian Design Review for my role at Handsome & Co. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: AUSTRALIAN DESIGN REVIEW Published on January 16 2015. Physically creating something tangible to suit a purpose or fulfil a creative urge is a fundamental human yearning, one perhaps neglected in an era where our hands are occupied as an extension of touch screens and keyboards. In the smartphone age, where anyone is but a click or swipe away from the next stimulus, crafting an object with permanence is an act of enduring... Read The Rest →

Handsome & Co – Melbourne school of fine woodworking and furniture design

WHO ARE WE: Handsome & Co is a Melbourne school of fine woodworking and furniture design. We host evening classes to instruct fine woodworking skills to adult students attending evening woodworking courses. Dedicated to instructing and fostering an enthusiasm for woodworking, Handsome and Co is a school specifically for traditional and modern woodworking techniques, with one important underlining principle; to instruct and demonstrate the methods of achieving the highest quality in both the design and manufacture in timber products. Our tutors are professional designer/makers; each brings a wealth of extensive... Read The Rest →

Woodworking Women in Whitehorse

Author: Stacy Allen Photography : Eugene Hyland ORIGINAL SOURCE AFTER walking up the stairs of the nondescript brick building that houses the Melbourne School of Fine Woodworking it is the pleasant smell of wood shavings that first hits my senses. Once inside it is the light streaming through the large north-facing windows that strikes me and after walking through the first room containing rather intimidating-looking machinery, I reach the workshop. It is an ordered room, with shelves of neatly stacked wood, planes, marking gauges and knives, hammers, chisels, squares and... Read The Rest →

Student Side Tables

New students begin with a number of simple exercises that give insight into the techniques that apply to the general application of hand tools. The final exercise in a few of the tutor sessions is a small ‘occasional table’*, which offers an opportunity for students to apply and revise all the techniques they have learnt so far. Combining traditional and contemporary techniques, students are introduced to the fundamentals of joinery and woodwork through the creation of a simple ‘occasional table’* structure. There is a number of exercises or challenges within... Read The Rest →

Visiting a Timber Yard.

I’m sure that most activities could lend themselves to an analogy, comparing their key activities to that of the male perspective for sex and or the wooing of a beautiful woman. Surely visiting the timber yard to acquire the raw ingredients that make up that cabinet, table or chair that your building is no exception… For those of you about to embark into a timber yard for the first time, you might find yourselves feeling awkward and or intimidated by the adventure that is the unknown and like many things,... Read The Rest →

Design Process of a Designer / Maker

‘Creativity in the design process is often characterised by the occurrence of a significant event – the so-called ‘creative leap’. Sometimes such an event occurs as a sudden insight which the designer immediately recognises as significant, but often it is only in retrospect that the designer (or an observer of the design process) is able to identify a point during the design process at which the key concept began to emerge. ….accounts of creative events in design made by the designers themselves may not be wholly reliable. However, some recent... Read The Rest →

Teaching at Handsome & Co – School for Woodworking and Design

I have been teaching adult woodworking classed for over 2 years now and would like to share my experiences as a tutor, but also as somebody who has been educated, employed and been witness to a diversity of workshop practices, environments and more importantly workshop cultures. Handsome & Co provides a facility for hobbyists to practice and develop traditional cabinet making skills, which are adaptable to all facets of furniture manufacturing. While attendance is primarily for the development of skills and to make custom furniture to own, the school is... Read The Rest →