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Denfair 2016 – Handkrafted & Associated Makers.

I was fortunate to be included in the 2016 Handkrafted showcase, at this years (2016) Denfair. Accompanying me where six other talented makers, representing their own respective brands, workshops and products. All the participants in the stand shared common principles of making, which was reflected in a very high quality of workmanship throughout. See images below of each makers work and be sure to follow the links provided, to find out more about each individual designer / maker and their furniture making practice. Handkrafted Apparentt Bern Chandley  Auld Design Sawdust Bureau... Read The Rest →

The Back Of Cafe’s Aren’t The Only Place Milk Crates Are Being Stolen.

I’ve read a few articles on the theft of intellectual property and one of the most recent was ‘Is it time to redesign the law around ‘replica’ furniture?’, in which lighting designer David Trubridge expresses his frustrations of the theft of his designs by saying ‘…I don’t think a respectable company should do something like that’.  I didn’t ever expect it to happen to me. I feel like it’s a clichéd mentality, but when it does happen, it sure does rock what I believed were the ideals of the design... Read The Rest →

Handsome & Co – Melbourne School for Woodworking and Design

Handsome & Co is a school for furniture design. Providing skills and business training for artists and designers, in a two-year residency and fine woodworking skills to adult students attending evening woodworking courses. Dedicated to instructing and fostering an enthusiasm for woodworking, Handsome and Co is a school for traditional and modern woodworking techniques, with one important underlining principle; to instruct and demonstrate the methods of achieving the highest quality in both the design and manufacture in timber products. Handsome & Co offers courses in fine furniture making for everyone... Read The Rest →

Lauren Hitchon – Piccoli Editions

Good grief… I’m a hard-nosed hairy-arsed lumberjack and this (dare I say it) is just absolutely adorable! I don’t think I’ve ever used that word before… I probably won’t ever again!”. The cutest collection of books I’ve ever seen. They take the reader back to a simpler time, when children were allowed to roam free, parents trusted their neighbours and animals smiled! These children’s books are are fun and and irresistible, with images you could simply melt into. It is a collection of books that illustrate a time of innocence and... Read The Rest →

Hoop Pine Desk – ‘Untitled’

Hoop pine desk with black resin inlay, supported on black powder coated steel legs. Inspired by traditional school desks, its surface hinges open to reveal one compartment of storage and the face slides out offering another storage area in the form of a drawer. The simple shape is accented with the series of lines on desks uppermost surface, these shapes created by carving and filling with a black resin. The Silhouetted images is of powerlines that cross an urban intersection. Share → Tweet

Wooden Printing Press

link to time lapse video of Time Lapse Building a Wooden Etching Press  Recently I undertook  a project to manufacture an etching press. I started it for the challenge but also so as to experiment with wood block printing, to engage a method of branding and in it I hope to influence my furniture designing and I’m sure it will make an appearance in the manufacturing side of things too. I built the frame from Jarrah for its strength, affordability and dark colour, which I hope will darken over time.... Read The Rest →

Spinning Tops

  After seeing some walnut spinning tops designed by Klein Reid, I thought I’d have a go at turning some myself. Originally thinking it would be a easy excercise, I soon discover that it was full of problems. While it was easy to make beautifully turned objects it was another thing to maintain a perfectly symmetrical object for optimal spinning. Even more challenging  was the tops neck (or handle) which was prone to snapping on the lathe. Requiring a sharp tool and a delicate hand. As you can see by the pictures,... Read The Rest →