Huon Pine Cube

This is the final installment in a series of projects that all came from a single slab of Huon Pine (approx. 1000 length x 600 width x 70mm thick). The Huon slab was provided by the client, a client who had no real needs or wants for the timber and instead presented an opportunity to develop interesting and fun objects. This last piece is simply a cube of timber (specifically Huon Pine).

The thoughts behind the creation of a cube, is purely to showcase the lovely/beautiful/decorative/rare material. Previously the slab had been stored for 10+ years in a shed, covered in dust and out of sight. After using the majority of the slab to create a side table, a skateboard and a pendant lamp, we had no need or want for the remaining material/offcuts and it would have been a real shame to put it back into storage/isolation.

The cube is a beautiful object (namely because of the material), but also it serves its purpose well and that is to avoid being stored as raw material, instead it became an ornament and all the while being 100% reusable, with future potential. It may occupy a mantelpiece, a coffee table or anywhere really for an indefinite period, but when there is a purpose or re-purpose for it, it can easily be seen as lumber again and be used, maybe to be turned into a bowl or to be cut into decorative furniture legs or to be cut into veneer etc.

There was talk of making a chopping board with the Huon Pine offcuts and yes; this would have been the functional option. But would a chopping board have celebrated the material as much as a cube or would it have been anywhere near as interesting?

150609_NoddyBoffin_2522_Proof1600px 150609_NoddyBoffin_2523_Proof1600px 150609_NoddyBoffin_2528_Proof1600px

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