Jarlath Weingott – Designer / Maker

“Ten years ago, it wasn’t like this!”

Jarlath Studied at the ANU Art School, majoring in Fine Furniture Design and Manufacturing. His affinity with manufacturing and designing in wood started early in his teens and was pursued and refined under George Ingham.

I met Jarlath in 2006 when he returned ANU as a mature age student to complete his studies, at which time he identified the changes in course content, students and staff as a result of tens years.

Full of skill already from many years in different industries related and non-related to woodworking, Jarlath acted as mentor for many undergrad students, most often setting a positive example.

His work demonstrates knowledge and skill through its complexity and the diverse range of joinery; some of these construction methods identifiable and others invented to address very specific needs, these coming into fruition through much trial and error. The work is aesthetically influenced by Japanese precision and Danish styling, with hints of modern influences.

Jarlath and I recently shared a professional photo shoot and I am fortunate to have access to some pictures of the Jarlaths work. Which I take much pride in sharing through my website.

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  • April 15, 2012 at 5:45 am // Reply

    Oh wow. All of his work is beautiful but my favourite is the first one.

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