New Products @ BSG Handsome & Co Exhibition


There is an inherent beauty in the natural quality and warmth of timber, and, when partnered with the unique relationship that only occurs between people and the built environment in which they inhabit, creates an intimate sense of belonging and personal identity.

The Handsome & Co exhibition is a collective of works from local designer/makers who, together, make up the Handsome & Co workshop community. With beautiful timbers and quality woodworking at its heart, this collection encompasses the diversity and craftsmanship which stems from years of experience, training and knowledge fostered within a communal environment.

H&Co_Exhibtion_09 H&Co_Exhibtion_08 H&Co_Exhibtion_07 H&Co_Exhibtion_06 H&Co_Exhibtion_05 H&Co_Exhibtion_04 H&Co_Exhibtion_03 H&Co_Exhibtion_02

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