Noddy Boffin in Kif & Katast

I am fortunate to have not only met Katherine Brennan, designer of the ‘Gingko Bench’ series, but am also privileged to have some of my own designed products in her store; Kif & Katast.

Gingko Bench (click image to be redirected to website)

Who or what is Kif & Katast?

KIF & KATAST is a Melbourne based contemporary design practice. Originally formed as a design / branding studio, we now design and produce a varied range of products with increased focus on architectural & larger scale pieces. As a branding and research tool we opened a retail space on Malvern Road in Hawksburn Village in 2007. Here we stock our own work alongside work of local & international, emerging and established designers & artists.

Kif (Katherine Brennan) and her sister, Jen Brennan manage their exclusive store of carefully selected and sourced products in which Australian and international designer products are stocked, which is inclusive of Kif’s own designs. The store is also a front for their creative custom design services, offering solutions for interior and exterior needs.

Contemporary Melbourne design practice, Kif & Katast, design and produce a wide range of products, including art, fabrics, wallpapers, furniture, homewares, stationery, storage and sculptures. Stocking works from local and international designers and artists, along with their own, enables a variety of products to be available.

Kif & Katast’s success and popularity have given it the need for expansion, subsequently, this small shop will be moving to bigger premises in mid 2012.

While discussing with Kif the progression of their business into a bigger premises, it became apparently clear to me, that ‘Kif & Katast’ would be an entity of interest and definitely something to watch out for.

Her enthusiasm to create an environment in which local designers can display and offer their individual wares for sale, is only one aspect of the new venture, in which a possibility for events, exhibition, installations, collaboration and or a social hub are all possibilities in which only time will tell.

to read more and see more visit Kif & Katast

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