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‘noddy boffin’ continually strives to produce functional yet conceptual designs to create interesting and innovative urban stories.

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Wood Workshops: Material Value

I was recently interviewed by the Australian Design Review for my role at Handsome & Co. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: AUSTRALIAN DESIGN REVIEW Published on January 16 2015. Physically creating something tangible to suit a purpose or fulfil a creative urge is a... Read The Rest →

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Custom Pressed Back – Cafe Chairs

These are contemporary pressed back chairs (made in 2014), but wait, what’s a pressed back chair?  “…In the very late 1800s along came a process that could produce elaborate designs on chair parts for a cost of next to nothing. It... Read The Rest →

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H&Co Residents Photography Shoot 2014

A group of Handsome & Co residents recently shared a photoshoot, the result of which is visual: elegance, quality and innovation… check it out:  Curious Tales Tobias Bolton Noddy Boffin Noddy Boffin Curious Tales Josh Carmody  

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New & Improved ‘Linger’ Bench Seat & Stool

After some serious tweaking and problem solving, we’re happy to present the 4th version of our ‘Linger’ bench seat. In the process of redeveloping the product, we simplified and streamlined the design further and even adapted the manufacture process to produce... Read The Rest →

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Walnut Chest of Drawers #2

A simple chest of drawers made with solid walnut and birch plywood. Aesthetically it is box… with drawers. Nothing protruding, with no negative space to speak of. If it weren’t for the handles, that offer a decoration, a face and or... Read The Rest →

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Walnut Chest of Drawers #1

I recently made/completed this chest of drawers for my new baby boy, Sonny James. The chest will be used to store all his little items of clothing and has a removable tray which offers change table functionality. This flexibility with the change... Read The Rest →