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What is Noddy Boffin?

Noddy Boffin is the brainchild of Elliot Gorham – a Melbourne based designer/maker. Elliot is passionate about producing excellent quality furniture and lighting products with contemporary and conceptual aesthetics. Elliot attempts to contribute to everyday interiors with creative and conceptual pieces. Noddy Boffin offers a range of contemporary furniture and lighting products that serve multiple functions within an interior space.

Who is Elliot Gorham?


Elliot studied at the Australian National University Art School, specializing in furniture making, he spent three years plus an honours year perfecting the craft of design and construction. Studying under the head of workshop Rodney Hayward in the Furniture / Wood Department, Elliot completed his BVA with first class honours in 2007.

Heavily influenced by the artistic environment and involvement in complimentary studies in Sculpture, Life Drawing, Tool Making, Art Theory, Ceramics, Gold & Silver Smithing, Photography and Textiles, his work developed quirkiness and carried a conceptual context.

Relocating to Melbourne in 2008, Elliot continued to explore other material mediums and manufacturing techniques in set construction, upholstery, art deco reproductions, veneer lamination and metal fabrication, within commercial setting, allowing industry experiences and exposure.

Elliot currently operates his designer / maker business out of his studio space in Richmond, Victoria and tutors at Handsome & Co -School of Woodworking and Design.

Elliot is continually striving to produce both functional and conceptual designs to create interesting and innovative urban stories. Central to this philosophy is his desire to unite high quality materials and contemporary construction methods in the production of objects.

Who is Noddy Boffin?

Noddy Boffin, the fictional hero of Charles Dickens’ novel ‘Our Mutual Friend A.K.A The Golden Dustman and Nicodemus Boffin, was in what today would be called ‘the recycling business’. His many years of dutiful service were rewarded, on his master’s death, with the inheritance of his own dust heap. This was wealth indeed. It raised Mr. Boffin to a life of financial independence and ease.

It is essentially a projection of the fate of opportune character onto a new idea  / venture to express a desire and remind us that hard work pays off.

What can Noddy Boffin do for me?

Here at Noddy Boffin we offer a range of services in the manufacture and design of timber furnishing products. We pride ourselves in making exceptionally high quality products in which we feel confident will stand the test of time. Using a combination of traditional and modern carpentry methods, we can provide both an old fashioned longevity with the perks of affordability.

We make and develop a wide range of custom made furniture in our Melbourne based workshop / studio, in which no job is too small or too big. Our range of services is outlined below:

Commissioned Products – all and any type of product not limited to furniture. Our specialised area is in timber manufacturing using traditional and modern methods of cabinetmaking, which includes bending, turning and shaping wood. The incorporation of other materials is considered, however limited to small applications. We mainly work in carefully selected solid timbers, veneer, plywood and bamboo.

Design Development – we offer expert consultation in the development of aesthetically pleasing, structurally sound and most importantly a fully functioning product. We will work with you to get the best possible results from your material and design, without compromising your creative vision.

Prototyping and modelling – In addition to the manufacture of finished products we also offer prototyping services in which we can make a scaled model from a design. Suitable for students, designers and anybody looking to gain a three-dimensional experience of their vision, in which modifications can be made before embarking on the full cost of manufacture and finishing.

To enquire into furniture making, design development and or prototyping of custom made pieces please contact us here for an obligation free quote; alternatively send your enquiry to: hello@noddyboffin.com


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