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Elliot & Son is the formation of two young designers, both alike in name, both alike in dignity….

Elliot Gorham and Elliot Bastianon share more than just a name. They share a common ideal regarding what they consider important in the creation of a piece of furniture; but most of all an enthusiasm and drive to produce unique and innovative designs.

Together they have shared many experiences as friends, colleagues and employees. None more significant and memorable than the duration and completion of a BVA, majoring in Furniture/Wood Design at the Australian National University where both Gorham and Bastianon received First Class Honours.

Their work is guided by everything from material exploration to quirky stories of everyday life. This unique way of approaching furniture has resulted in a body of work that balances somewhere between the world of art and design. Their philosophy is to incorporate new materials and processes into their work, with the guidance of traditional hand skills that have been so integral in shaping the standard of furniture design. It is this threading together of traditional and non-traditional that makes their work so interesting to experience.

The ‘Elliot & Son’ brand exists as a means for both Gorham and Bastianon to contribute as equals in what is hoped to be a future of collaborative opportunities. Simply put, ‘Elliot & Son’ is a pseudonym that acts as a means for the development of projects and of sharing resources that is kept separate from each parties’ individual business.


come visit us and check out our wares at the Royal Exhibition Building – 9 Nicholson St, Carlton VIC Australia

21st & 22nd July

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