Forty Drawers

Is it human instinct to collect? It might have originally been for survival, but it is now more of a social impulse, to hoard and accumulate objects. The question is, what makes us want more, to get something cheaper, something expensive, something rare and or even to seek something everyone else has?

With this in mind I decided to design a potentially collectable object. Forty is a robust number that from the above clearly has widespread cultural and religious significance. The set of forty independent drawers is designed to be able to change, to resize, to stack, to be a large single set or to be an assembly of smaller sets. The system is flexible  and can be assembled into various configurations. How you decide to arrange them is limited by your imagination.

Designed around specific machine capabilities and derived joinery, the appearance of each drawer is simplified to give an elementary, straightforward, sharp-lined appearance to the ‘box”, offset by the decorative use of stainless steel.  Two bands of fabric run around the boxes acting as a belt to stabilise and contain them into one object.  The idea of tying them together came with the intention of recreating the traditional, perhaps even folksy, imagery of books being carried by binding them. The set of forty drawers has as the back panel of each drawer-box or carcase, a laser perforated 2.5 mm thick stainless steel panel. The patterns are appropriations and variations rung on twenty drain hole cover designs.




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