Lawn Chair

I was quite excited at the prospect of being able to develop a chair design.My visual concept was to carry traditional indoor elegance outside through the appropriation of three different styles of seat. Chesterfield, wingback and Queen Anne. My piece is quite recognisable incorporation of these styles.

The object has also been enlarged by roughly 10% as outdoor furniture can be dwarfed by the abundance of space. The chairs practical duty is to retain a bed of lawn as its seat area. My concept for this is “to make sitting on the ground more comfortable”.


The raised seat is of ergonomic height and has been designed quite deep to allow for lying down, crossing legs etc. In many ways it is much like a planter box and will have adequate drainage and soil depth to maintain a healthy lawn for an estimated three to four years. In the construction I have taken into consideration the weathering and the movement of timber and allowed for these, I have researched methods of preservation and water proofing and made sure that the object is strong enough to support itself, the soil, lawn and occupants. Kwila was chosen as a construction material because of its strength and durability.


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