Morse Pendant Light

Equal parts industrially aesthetic and also visually warm, through its blend of cold ‘black steel’ and the warm timber spindle (American Oak). The ‘Morse’ pendant light would suit a range of interior contexts both commercial and residential.

The idea that drove the shape and assembly of the two components that make up the ‘Morse’ pendant light, were inspired directly by the conical form of a ‘Morse Taper’ (aka machine taper).

Morse taper systems are used in almost all machine tool spindles, acting as the primary method of attachment for tooling. It is in direct reference to this function that the design lends itself to joining the combination of materials; spun steel shade and wooden spindle. The spun steel shade is met by and supported over the timber spindle due the matching angle/taper in each component.

MorsePendant_Combined_03 MorsePendant_Combined_04 MorsePendant_Combined_02 Rädda Barnen

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