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Helmut Burri & Co – Tool Maker

A friend of mine recently sent me some pictures of his tool making projects and I was so impressed with the whole operation that I couldn’t resist the urge to blog the images to share with others. I hope you enjoy his process as much as I have. Here are some photos of the processes that I go through in order to make some incredibly high quality tool blades. In essence these are kits that allow the blokes to get quality tool steel item i.e. M2 HSS at a competive... Read The Rest →

Hello 2013 …

Very excited to be featured in Belle twice in the early stages of 2013, and even more excited about the progression of Noddy Boffin this year. 1)    What early influences led to your pursuit of a career in design?  My interest in being creative and making things was apparent in the early stages of high school and this was evident in my grades with both Art and Design Technology. It was only while studying at the ANU Art School in Canberra, that I realised that I wanted to manufacture unique... Read The Rest →