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Dining Table – Red Ironbark

I have just finished a commission to redesign and refurbish a chunky table made of Red Ironbark. The timber is very heavy and its old frame matched its weight with an equally heavy aesthetic. I started this project with an intention to lighten the aesthetic without compromising its structural integrity. I feel I have achieved this and while the table still weighs a tonne, it doesn’t look it. What do you think? Share → Tweet

Ute Vinyl Signage

Check out the new signage on my ute! … Graphics developed by Elle Greet from Yolk Design Studio and the vinyl decals were cut by Craig McFarlane and his young team of sign writers at SydSigns. Share → Tweet

Student Side Tables

New students begin with a number of simple exercises that give insight into the techniques that apply to the general application of hand tools. The final exercise in a few of the tutor sessions is a small ‘occasional table’*, which offers an opportunity for students to apply and revise all the techniques they have learnt so far. Combining traditional and contemporary techniques, students are introduced to the fundamentals of joinery and woodwork through the creation of a simple ‘occasional table’* structure. There is a number of exercises or challenges within... Read The Rest →

Win a Noddy Boffin ‘Ply Milk Crate’ Competition.

Noddy Boffin is very pleased to announce its invitation and participation in the ‘Commonwealth Exhibition’ 2012. Coinciding with the London Design Festival, 3 of the ‘Noddy Boffin Plywood Milk Crates’ will be exhibiting in London from September until October. To celebrate the fact that Noddy Boffin ‘Ply Milk Crates’ will be exhibited to an international audience for the first time (outside of the internet). I have decided to give away one of the soon to be London famous ‘plywood milk crates’. To go in the drawer to win a NB... Read The Rest →