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NB Coffee Table with ‘Stage Legs’

Solid American Oak coffee table with NB ‘Stage Legs’ 1100 mm x 550 mm x 370 mm I feel like “Stage Legs” is the furniture equivalent of “Jazz hands.” These folded steel legs by Noddy Boffin are reminiscent of Queen Anne style legs, except with a modern, geometric shape. Stage Legs get their name from the idea of the negative space that it creates looks a little like drawn curtains on a stage. Made of powder-coated steel, these durable legs are available in many colors and can even be made with castors... Read The Rest →

Wood Block Printing – Practice Transfers

I have been experimenting with the transferal of ink from a standard photocopy or laser jet print, using a solvent and printing press. Currently working on a furniture commission, of which I hope to use this process to apply images, creates interest within its internal compartments. In addition to these creative / conceptual applications, I will be trialing this method as means to mark my finished pieces with my brand and the date of completion. It is hoped that it will become a part of my regular practice; to ensure... Read The Rest →

Applying A Maker’s Mark

I have recently done some research into branding, as I’m sure most crafts people and manufactures all have done at some point, generally early on in their practice. While branding is a general term given to a huge component for the development of business identity, not limited to the logo affixed to a product. My specific focus was on the process of applying my mark onto product, specifically timber surfaces. While it would be nice for an object to speak for its maker based on style alone the likely hood... Read The Rest →

Design Process of a Designer / Maker

‘Creativity in the design process is often characterised by the occurrence of a significant event – the so-called ‘creative leap’. Sometimes such an event occurs as a sudden insight which the designer immediately recognises as significant, but often it is only in retrospect that the designer (or an observer of the design process) is able to identify a point during the design process at which the key concept began to emerge. ….accounts of creative events in design made by the designers themselves may not be wholly reliable. However, some recent... Read The Rest →

Construction, Destruction & Documentation – Two Tables

(continued on from ‘CONSTRUCTION DESTRUCTION AND DOCUMENTATION’) CONSTRUCTION VS. DESTRUCTION Imagine going to an ATM taking out $50 dollars with the intention that you where going to fold the note into a boat and place it into a river to watch float away. Then imagine instead that you go to the same ATM and take out $600 to burn to generate a small amount of heat and light. Take it even further and use the $600 to buy a trailer or two of firewood, to burn and disintegrate to produce... Read The Rest →


Noddy Boffin is really excited to be participating in this years…… DESIGN:MADE:TRADE; a boutique event showcasing Australian and international design culture. Returning for its fifth year, DESIGN:MADE:TRADE features small manufacturers, product designers and product makers from a diverse range of design disciplines including industrial design, graphic design, textiles, lighting, furniture, fashion and hand made objects. DESIGN:MADE:TRADE has been specifically created to introduce designers to manufacturers, retailers and export buyers. Meet leading and emerging designers, immerse yourself in great design and interact with the design community through a range of exhibitions, workshops... Read The Rest →

Jarlath Weingott – Designer / Maker

“Ten years ago, it wasn’t like this!” Jarlath Studied at the ANU Art School, majoring in Fine Furniture Design and Manufacturing. His affinity with manufacturing and designing in wood started early in his teens and was pursued and refined under George Ingham. I met Jarlath in 2006 when he returned ANU as a mature age student to complete his studies, at which time he identified the changes in course content, students and staff as a result of tens years. Full of skill already from many years in different industries related... Read The Rest →

Bow Desk – Desktop Printing

  The ‘bow desk’ is a simple construction of parts that maintain themselves as a rigid structure with the aid of tension. Inspired by the bow saw; a traditional carpentry tool that is becoming less and less common in a furniture makers workshop. The endangered nature of the bow saw is a result of modern methods of straining a saw blade and saw frames that offer a less fragile and finicky product. Regardless of its slow or even current obsolescence, the bow saw still embodies a credibility in its innovative... Read The Rest →

Stage Legs – Negative Space

You leave space for the body, imagining the other part even though it isn’t there. (Henry Moore) As a designer, it’s easy to focus on the tangible shape and size of a product; its ‘positive space’ often becomes the object of concentration as the planning and preparing is centered on processes of manufacturing, joinery and function. So it is easy to overlook the component of a design that is extremely important and that is the ‘negative space’. “Negative Space is the space between objects, around an object, but is not... Read The Rest →

‘Milking Stool’ Development

“All the really good ideas I ever had came to me while I was milking a cow” – Grant Wood. The milking stool design came about through much experimentation and prototyping with steel strapping commonly used in packaging and transport of timber packs. I have been experimenting with the idea of tensional products, designing and prototyping components to be held together under the strain of a simple mechanism, ideally a mechanism that is easily found and acquired or made. As a designer / maker who specializes in the traditional carpentry... Read The Rest →