Tough Dustpan & Broom

As a furniture maker I spend a lot of time making sawdust, and of course, consequently sweeping it and collecting it from the floor each day (sawdust to be later collected by a local farmer, for pigs, chickens and mulch). I have acquired many different dustpans over the years and eventually managed to break them with general use (on occasion clumsiness was a factor). Unable to find a better option, to address both durability and large capacity, I decided to develop my own, coming up with the ‘Tough’ dustpan:

Our Heavy Duty, ‘Tough’ Dustpan is designed for durability and made for industrial, rugged use. More than suitable for all types workshop, gardening, outdoors use, and large working areas.

Extra strong large metal dustpan, Folded from 16 gauge steel, welded seams and finished in commercial grade powder coating, the ‘Tough’ Dustpan is built to endure a lifetime of use.

Where its plastic counterparts will decay, crack and break easily, the ‘Tough’ dustpan is guaranteed to outlast and outperform.

350mm wide with a deep carrying capacity, this is one off the largest and strongest dustpans available in Australia.

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Tough Dustpan

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