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Spinning Tops

  After seeing some walnut spinning tops designed by Klein Reid, I thought I’d have a go at turning some myself. Originally thinking it would be a easy excercise, I soon discover that it was full of problems. While it was easy to make beautifully turned objects it was another thing to maintain a perfectly symmetrical object for optimal spinning. Even more challenging  was the tops neck (or handle) which was prone to snapping on the lathe. Requiring a sharp tool and a delicate hand. As you can see by the pictures,... Read The Rest →

Elliot Bastianon

  “Persuasion’ is an object that has been folded entirely into form using a single sheet of EchoPanel”. The ‘Persuasion’ bench seat is part of collection of  innovative and experimental furniture which addresses a need for environmentally friendly practices and choices of material. Designed by Elliot Bastianon for his design studio Negative Space Design (NSD). Recently completing an honours degree at the ANU Art School, Elliot shows a lot of potential for a continued career in product design and manufacture. Having worked along side Elliot and also observing him in his... Read The Rest →

Container of memories

During my tenure in the ANU Art School Wood Workshop I was witness to the constant change of the workshop environment: the movement of benches, introduction of raw materials – reduced and transformed into objects, the departure of students, and the removal of annual landmarks – like a planned obsolescence. Despite these environmental changes there continued to be a consistency in visual language through shapes in the workshop. In light of this I approached the “container of memories” brief by creating a physical replication of the workshop as silhouetted plates.... Read The Rest →