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Custom Pressed Back – Cafe Chairs

These are contemporary pressed back chairs (made in 2014), but wait, what’s a pressed back chair?  “…In the very late 1800s along came a process that could produce elaborate designs on chair parts for a cost of next to nothing. It even had a lot of people thinking it was hand carved. The process? The steel die stamp. A design with sharp edges was etched into a metal plate. That plate was mounted on a roller and under great pressure was passed over a waiting chair crest rail that had... Read The Rest →

New & Improved ‘Linger’ Bench Seat & Stool

After some serious tweaking and problem solving, we’re happy to present the 4th version of our ‘Linger’ bench seat. In the process of redeveloping the product, we simplified and streamlined the design further and even adapted the manufacture process to produce a stool. The beauty of this product really does lie in its visual simplicity, while the manufacture is also simple, the assembly method may not be immediately transparent, leaving some scratching their heads. Made with 4mm Stainless Steel and US Oak. Share → Tweet

Walnut Chest of Drawers #2

A simple chest of drawers made with solid walnut and birch plywood. Aesthetically it is box… with drawers. Nothing protruding, with no negative space to speak of. If it weren’t for the handles, that offer a decoration, a face and or some depth and clue to its functionality it would be a box. But… it is this visual familiarity to a box that acts as its strong point; it is sturdy, solid and confident. The best reason for the minimalism in its design is that the physical shape does not... Read The Rest →

Walnut Chest of Drawers #1

I recently made/completed this chest of drawers for my new baby boy, Sonny James. The chest will be used to store all his little items of clothing and has a removable tray which offers change table functionality. This flexibility with the change table means that it can easily be utilised by him after nappies are no longer required and I hope it becomes a part of his life right into adulthood. Share → Tweet

New Products @ BSG Handsome & Co Exhibition

  There is an inherent beauty in the natural quality and warmth of timber, and, when partnered with the unique relationship that only occurs between people and the built environment in which they inhabit, creates an intimate sense of belonging and personal identity. The Handsome & Co exhibition is a collective of works from local designer/makers who, together, make up the Handsome & Co workshop community. With beautiful timbers and quality woodworking at its heart, this collection encompasses the diversity and craftsmanship which stems from years of experience, training and knowledge fostered... Read The Rest →