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A Ring, Sealed in a Cube.

“Without a finish line in sight, this is the perfect setting. I search for the waves, I search for the shore and I search to be found. My tiny existence, now crammed into this shell, will find a place to rest and I will float on with a hopeful grin.”  – NICK LING 2012   Photography and concept by ELLIOT GORHAM 2012 Share → Tweet

Visiting a Timber Yard.

I’m sure that most activities could lend themselves to an analogy, comparing their key activities to that of the male perspective for sex and or the wooing of a beautiful woman. Surely visiting the timber yard to acquire the raw ingredients that make up that cabinet, table or chair that your building is no exception… For those of you about to embark into a timber yard for the first time, you might find yourselves feeling awkward and or intimidated by the adventure that is the unknown and like many things,... Read The Rest →

Noddy Boffin in Kif & Katast

I am fortunate to have not only met Katherine Brennan, designer of the ‘Gingko Bench’ series, but am also privileged to have some of my own designed products in her store; Kif & Katast. Gingko Bench (click image to be redirected to website) Who or what is Kif & Katast? KIF & KATAST is a Melbourne based contemporary design practice. Originally formed as a design / branding studio, we now design and produce a varied range of products with increased focus on architectural & larger scale pieces. As a branding... Read The Rest →

Noddy Boffin – Melbourne Furniture Maker – Custom Services

Here at Noddy Boffin we offer a range of services in the manufacture and design of timber furnishing products. We pride ourselves in making exceptionally high quality products in which we feel confident will stand the test of time. Using a combination of traditional and modern carpentry methods, we can provide both an old fashioned longevity with the perks of affordability. We make and develop a wide range of custom made furniture in our Melbourne based workshop / studio, in which no job is too small or too big. Our... Read The Rest →

Noddy Boffin Limited Edition Business / Promo Cards

Everybody collects something! Whether it be photographs of a person’s vacation, ticket stubs from ballgames, souvenirs of trips, pictures of one’s children, athletes‟ trophies, kids report cards, and those who collect “junk” (pack-rats) and dispose of it in garage sales …. Why do we collect things, e.g., Cracker Jack toys, manhole covers, clocks? Some people collect for investment, yet one must wonder how a penny can become worth thousands of dollars. Some collect for pure enjoyment …. it’s fun! Some collect to expand their social lives, attending swap meets and exchanging... Read The Rest →