Noddy Boffin Limited Edition Business / Promo Cards

Everybody collects something! Whether it be photographs of a person’s vacation, ticket stubs from ballgames, souvenirs of trips, pictures of one’s children, athletes‟ trophies, kids report cards, and those who collect “junk” (pack-rats) and dispose of it in garage sales …. Why do we collect things, e.g., Cracker Jack toys, manhole covers, clocks? Some people collect for investment, yet one must wonder how a penny can become worth thousands of dollars. Some collect for pure enjoyment …. it’s fun! Some collect to expand their social lives, attending swap meets and exchanging information with like- minded souls.  MARK B. MCKINLEY

Some collectors show extreme behaviors that straddle the border between eccentricity and pathology …Andy Warhol preserved nearly every bit of ephemera that came into his possession. He kept a cardboard box beside his desk, and when the impulse struck him, he cleared everything off his desk and into the box, no exceptions. Valuable prints, cash, and apple cores all went into what he described as his “time capsule.” He dated it and stored it along with more than six-hundred others …They are a record of Warhol’s life in all its detail and triviality—as perfect a record as could be had. JOHN PHILLIPS – ANDY WARHOL AT “THE FACTORY,” 1982

By producing and distributing business cards that are numbered in a limited edition, I hope to encourage the entity to be valued and collected. Their collection and value is a result of its disconnection from, a mass produced unchanging alternative.  I want to deter a wanton discard, often associated through the devaluating of mass produced objects, in this case specifically; business cards – made cheaply and received freely. The cards are A6 (105×148 mm), printed on uncoated recycled card (65% post-consumer waste and 35% pre-consumer waste.) and will be used as postcards, business cards and promotional cards for the support and sharing of Noddy Boffin.

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