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Hipster Essentials – Michael Gordon Hill

The following article is taken from Michael Gordon Hill’s blog. Hipster Essentials I’ve shot a little still life called Hipster Essentials and I’m reviewing/highlighting the products that feature in the shoot. Some are made and designed locally, some are classic designs and some are popular items from the big players. Noddy Boffin Plywood Milk Crates: I’ll start of with my favorite! These plywood milk crates are laser cut from marine ply leaving very clean and accurately cut shapes in the ply. This is great design, materials and techniques coming together... Read The Rest →

Lauren Hitchon – Piccoli Editions

Good grief… I’m a hard-nosed hairy-arsed lumberjack and this (dare I say it) is just absolutely adorable! I don’t think I’ve ever used that word before… I probably won’t ever again!”. The cutest collection of books I’ve ever seen. They take the reader back to a simpler time, when children were allowed to roam free, parents trusted their neighbours and animals smiled! These children’s books are are fun and and irresistible, with images you could simply melt into. It is a collection of books that illustrate a time of innocence and... Read The Rest →