Denfair 2016 – Handkrafted & Associated Makers.

I was fortunate to be included in the 2016 Handkrafted showcase, at this years (2016) Denfair. Accompanying me where six other talented makers, representing their own respective brands, workshops and products. All the participants in the stand shared common principles of making, which was reflected in a very high quality of workmanship throughout.

See images below of each makers work and be sure to follow the links provided, to find out more about each individual designer / maker and their furniture making practice.

160602_Handkrafted_DenFair_DSC5240_Web1600px160602_Handkrafted_DenFair_DSC5266_Web1600px Handkrafted


160602_Handkrafted_DenFair_DSC5369_Web1600pxBern Chandley 

160602_Handkrafted_DenFair_DSC5378_Web1600pxAuld Design

160602_Handkrafted_DenFair_DSC5413_Web1600pxSawdust Bureau

160602_Handkrafted_DenFair_DSC5423_Web1600pxHugh Makin

160602_Handkrafted_DenFair_DSC5346_Web1600pxSmith & Thomas

160602_Handkrafted_DenFair_DSC5433_Web1600pxGlencross Woodworks

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