The Cup Project

‘The cup project’ is a youth, not-for-profit, initiative publishing young emerging Australian artist profiles + works on takeaway coffee cups.

The project’s co-ordinator, Amy Craig, says: the project will promote awareness and recognition of young artists, and their amazing work, within the Melbourne community …. seeing the fantastic work of young artists – its wonderful and inspiring. Melbourne coffee culture is going to love the artworks too!

See more here – The Cup Project  and Australian Business Art Foundation.



Thanks to an innovative partnership, Melbourne coffee lovers have been introduced to the vibrant work of emerging artists all over the city. ‘the cup project’ profiles the work of young artists on takeaway coffee cups alongside the artist’s name, a brief biography and website details.

‘the cup project’ not only brings the wider coffee drinking community into contact with young artists, it creates new opportunities. Poets, illustrators, painters, photographers, sculptors, animators and comic-strip artists have all been represented, with many having been approached by coffee drinkers for exhibitions and other work.

Melbourne is a city known for both its art and its coffee. ‘the cup project’ has brought them together through its partnership with Detpak, a member of the Detmold Group of companies and a manufacturer of packaging products.

Detpak supported the printing of 36 young artists’ work on 100,000 takeaway coffee cups. Since June 2010 both partners have been working to achieve the shared objective of profiling and recognising the achievements of young Australian artists. More than 95% of these artists are aged 30 years and under and many have had only minimal publication and profiling opportunities until now.

As well as providing exposure for young Australian artists, Detpak has been able to fulfill its commitment to invest in local communities – in this case within the city of Melbourne’s buzzing café scene. Detpak has also been able to showcase its high quality print capabilities to potential customers and has demonstrated its commitment to innovation and creativity.

 See more here – The Cup Project  and Australian Business Art Foundation.

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